Вышла коллективная монография «Collective Memories in War»

В издательстве «Routledge» издана коллективная монография под редакцией Елены Рождественской, Виктории Семеновой, Ирины Тартаковской и Кристофа Коселы «Collective Memories in War».

Аннотация. This edited collection offers an empirical exploration of social memory in the context of politics, war, identity and culture. With a substantive focus on Eastern Europe, it employs the methodologies of visual studies, content and discourse analysis, in-depth interviews and surveys to substantiate how memory narratives are composed and rewritten in changing ideological and political contexts. The book examines various historical events, including the Russian-Afghan war of 1979-89 and World War II, and considers public and local rituals, monuments and museums, textbook accounts, gender and the body. As such it provides a rich picture of post-socialist memory construction and function based in interdisciplinary memory studies.

Выходные данные: Collective Memories in War / Edited by E. Rozhdestvenskaya, V. Semenova, I. Tartakovskaya, K. Kosela. — London.: Routledge, 2016 — 196 p.